Go back to a happier time and replay old games

Happy baloons

Okay maybe I should slow down – this title implies that some hardship has befallen me in my current life, which really isn’t the case. But my gaming life has certainly been happier, that’s for sure.

I’m lucky to have had many happy parts of my gaming life:

  • My first PlayStation – a surprise present for exam success that was, in large part, responsible for establishing my future gaming obsession
  • My Day of Defeat career – several hours every day practicing with my team (we called them ‘clans’ back then), and being a top 5 player in the UK
  • The first 6 months of playing Warzone at the start of the pandemic – reconnection with a long-lost friend and being amazed by the sheer scale of what was possible in Battle Royale games
  • University – and seemingly unlimited time to play Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer (in hindsight, I should have probably limited my play a bit more)

But the one that stands out the most is my early secondary school years – playing, and talking about playing, games with my best mate Dave.

Two men high fiving in the sunset
Pictured; two guys far cooler than me and Dave

Now, Dave had slightly different tastes to me – being more of a strategy fan than I was. His favourite game was Total Annihilation and some game where you built up a castle and then defended it from armies of virtual attackers. But this came in handy as we would swap gaming stories on the way to school and discover new things to play. Dave was also one of those kids who seemingly had everything he wanted, and so there were many times where my only experience with a game would be hearing about him talking about it and then coming round to his house to see him play.

So that’s where I’m going to start – pick a game we both loved from 20 years ago, and revisit it. Nostalgia; a bit of a cliche perhaps, but one I’m hoping is going to help remind me of why I play games at all.

Watch this space…

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