I don’t think the Steam Deck is the answer to my problems

I’m not quite sure why I decided to reserve a Steam Deck all those months ago – a 512 GB one too, not even a “cheap” one. I don’t commute, I have a Switch that goes unused and have both a 10 year old Macbook Pro (which can still play Slay the Spire and Binding of Isaac) and a well-above-average gaming PC with a comfortable set-up. What unfulfilled need was I thinking the Steam Deck was going to meet?

I think I got swept away in the excitement of some gaming hardware innovation. I told myself at the time that I should get in the queue because everyone will want one and I might as well. Worst comes to worst I could just sell the deck on eBay and get my money back – no problem.

A man holding many dollars
I might even make a cheeky little profit…?

The truth

But I think I do know the real reason. I had hoped that by throwing money at my problem (finding games boring), this shiny new thing could come along and change everything. It would kick-start my love of gaming, fundamentally shake up how I play and interact with games and all would be well.

Obviously a nonsense. My Switch didn’t do it (although I have loved playing games with my 4-year old son), and my PC’s new graphics card didn’t do it (although it does make Warzone run slightly smoother), so why would this?

So for once I’m going to make the sensible decision – it’s a no to the Steam Deck. If I can’t motivate myself to play, and find joy in playing games on my treasured gaming rig, why would it be any different on a smaller screen, with worse hardware and more uncomfortable controls?

£569 saved that I can waste away on something else (straight to the energy companies probably)…

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