News of the week, WC 25th June 2022

News WC 25-06-22 is not a news site, but I do, from time to time, want to share things I’ve found interesting in the news media. Here’s my top 3 this week.

The origins of Jurassic World

Original article from RPS.

The Jurassic Park reboot has spawned three Jurassic World movies, all of average to poor quality. The latest one is particularly awful. I love games, and think they can tell some pretty incredible stories, but the idea that a game’s concept had been hamfisted into movie format hardly shocks me as someone who has watched all three.

Cosmoteer, An FTL-Rimworld hybrid, is in the works

Original article from PC Gamer.

I’ve loved both FTL and Rimworld, sinking many hours into both. It’s come as a welcome surprise, then, that someone has decided to merge these two games together into one seemingly glorious, chaotic hybrid. Releasing in Early Access in Autumn, I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one.

Feeling the pressure to play games can impact on your mental health

Original article from Stitch Snitches.

I’ve spoken before about the importance of gaming mindfulness, and this now looks like it’s backed up by science. Quoting the third-party source:

Przybylski says, “We found that in terms of gamers’ sense of wellbeing, it actually doesn’t matter how much they play.” The quality of the gaming, not its quantity, was what mattered. If they felt they had to play, they felt worse. If they played because they loved it, then the data did not suggest it affected their mental health. It appeared to give them a strong positive feeling.

Stitch Snitches

I’ll write more about mental health and gaming at some point, but it’s interesting to see that this conversation may well be intensifying.

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