News of the week, WC 12th September 2022

New of the week 12th September 2022 is not a news site, but I do, from time to time, want to share things I’ve found interesting in the news media. Here’s my top 3 this week.

Warzone 2 set for release on November 16th

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Warzone is a game I’ve sunk an absolutely ridiculous amount of time into over the last few years. Ostensibly, it helped me stay sane and have something to look forward to during the UK’s COVID lockdowns, and I reconnected with an old friend by playing it so much. More recently, I’ve grown very tired of it and had to start keeping a gaming journal to document how I felt while playing in order to quit.

But its sequel excites me a lot as there’s a number of new features that could dramatically shake up how it plays. To list a few:

  • No more load-outs – guns are instead bought/upgraded via the buy station. Hopefully this change will increase the importance of actual gun skill over having all the maxed-out meta weapon at your disposal.
  • 2v2 gulags – a nice shake-up to how these are played, with no starting weapon and a larger arena to fight in.
  • A short-life battery in the heartbeat monitor – reducing the reliance of such an over-powered peice of equipment.
  • Split gas circles – forcing different players into conflict in different parts of the map, before reconverging later on.
Watch the first ever screened match of Warzone 2 here!

DEATHLOOP is coming to Game Pass on Septmber 20th

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PC Game Pass is an absurdly good value service, and one you should definitely check out if you’ve not already. It’s continually updating with some fantastic games, and a host of day-one launch titles, but the one I’m most excited to see in a few days’ time is DEATHLOOP.

From the makers of Dishonoured and Prey, it’s a time loop game where you are tasked with (eventually) killing a whole bunch of bad guys all in the same day. To work out how to do that you need to explore, find secrets and ultimately plan an optimal route through the world.

DEATHLOOP reviewed pretty well on launch, but it’s been a game I’ve been waiting to see on sale due to having played a lot of Arkane’s games in quick succession and feeling a bit burned on them. Now I’m more refreshed I’m excited to get stuck in, with the game also launching with a new update and an extended ending.

FTL mod, Multiverse, has hit version 5.3

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Faster Than Light, FTL, is one of my favourite games of all time, and one I’ve sunk many hours into. Multiverse is a mod that expands it dramatically. To quote its Wiki:

FTL: Multiverse is a massive overhaul mod for the game FTL: Faster Than Light. It adds nearly 200 new playable ships, over 500 new enemy vessels, over 200 new weapons and drones, and over 30 brand new sectors to explore! The events of FTL: Multiverse take place several decades or so after the events of the base game, during which time the Federation and the Rebellion had launched themselves into a massive interdimensional conflict with the creation of the Multiverse Drive, capable of sending ships to the many different branches of reality that make up the Multiverse.

Multiverse wiki

I love games like FTL (and hence I’ll love Multiverse) because I can play them on my 2013 Macbook in front of the TV, so they fit nicely into a part of my evening I’d otherwise be wasting on Reddit. I haven’t yet played Multiverse but it feels like now is a great time to jump back into it.

An image of FTL Multiverse

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