How to play games differently

Ideas of how to mix things up and rediscover your love of gaming

Ideas to play games differently

Gamers are people, and people are creatures of habit. We seek the familiar – be that the games we play or, just as commonly, the ways we play them.

There are lots of potential factors that may be causing you to feel bored with gaming and how you play is central to this. But the good news is that you can force yourself to play differently and experience games in a way you don’t typically. Doing so can have a huge positive impact and help you rediscover your love for your favourite hobby.

On this page you’ll find some inspiration to help you. Below are a number of ways you can play games differently. Not all will be right for everyone, but you only need to find one or two to have a significant impact on the experience you have.

If any of these are helpful, then tell us about them on Twitter. Good luck!