Stop finding games boring

One gamer's journey to help himself, and others, rediscover a love of gaming

Need help loving games again? You’ve come to the right place

Finding games boring and need some inspiration to get out of your gaming rut? We’ve got over 25 things you can try to reignite your passion for gaming.

Two people not finding games boring
Stop finding games boring

Why this site exists

After 30 years of gaming, I reached a horrible realisation that I’m no longer enjoying games all that much.

This site is an attempt to make sense of that – explore the reasons I feel this way and hopefully try and find some solutions

Gaming is not a hobby I want to have to phase out. But unless I can rediscover that love of gaming, and stop finding games boring and a drain on my time rather than a good use of it, it’s something I’ll have to do.

Follow my journey to loving games again…

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